Cataract is an age related change in the naturally clear lens of the eye. As we age this lens becomes opaque – this is called a cataract

Once a cataract develops the only way to treat it is with a surgery. Eye drops and spectacles do not improve vision.

Vision with cataract Vision after cataract removal


Dr Dipan Desai has a passion for cataract surgery. He has been at the forefront of cataract surgery in India and in the world. He acquired the first Phacoemulsification machine in India and performed the first surgery in 1987.

In an effort to deliver world class services to patients, the Cataract surgery team at Diva constantly update their equipment to take advantage of the latest technology. DIVA offers completely BLADELESS cataract surgery for a more gentle, Precise and safer surgery.

Through his passion, dedication and sheer love for his patients he has he has the blessing of more than 1,00,000 patients for cataract surgery in his 30 year long career. At Diva we understand the needs of every patient and try to tailor make a procedure to best suit you lifestyle, needs and your budget/ affordable.

Diva's Unique Journey for Cataract Patients

your needs
Understanding <br />
your needs

First we try to understand the individual patient's lifestyle and visual needs

Customized <br />

The patient is then counselled and offered customized solutions to best suit their needs

Series of
Series of <br />

The accurate IOL power and other parameters are determined with a series of tests

Eyeball <br />

We use IOL Master 700 which is the current Gold standard for most precise IOL power measurement

Advanced <br />

To ensure prime health of an eye before surgery, you may be advised to undergo:
a. Pentacam for toric lens measurements
b. Macular OCT to see the health of the retina
c. Specular Microscopy to see the health of the cornea


Cataract removal can be done by 2 methods

Traditional Manual Phacoemulsification

Traditional manual phacoemulsification surgery is where incisions are made manually with blades followed by ultrasound energy to remove the cataract.

DIVA has a legacy in this surgery where the 1st Phacoemulsifictaion in India was performed by Dr Dipan Desai over 30 years ago.

Phacoemulsification surgery is a procedure that has stood the test of time.

Robotic Femtosecond  Laser assisted Cataract surgery (FLACS)

This revolutionary laser first scans the eye and creates a live 3D unique blue print image with OCT providing micron level precision.

This optimizes the 3 most critical steps of cataract surgery. It creates accurate, reproducible and customized corneal and lens incisions.

With this cataract surgery becomes 100% bladeless improving the effectiveness, precision, outcomes and safety of traditional phaco surgery.


Incision Incision
Computer controlled laser based on live 3D
Longer surgical time
Surgical Time Surgical Time
Laser Softening reduces surgical time
Recovery Time Recovery Time
Lens Placement Lens Placement
Best positioning of the lens
Millimeter level
Accuracy Accuracy
Micron level
Manual error possible
Safety Safety
Increased safety because no risk of manual error
Result Result


Spectacle free vision after cataract surgery

The doctors at Diva eye institute understand and value spectacle independence after cataract surgery. With their surgical expertise, access to latest technology and vast experience they prefer to do Multifocal Intraocular lenses for most patients. The idea is to improve the quality of life and provide a transforming experience. Once we understand your needs and lifestyle we will offer you a solution which will best suit you.

Understanding Intraocular lenses (IOLs)

Near tasks (0-14 inches) like reading, writing & mobile phones

Intermediate tasks (14-40 inches) like using computer & laptop

Distance vision (>40 inches) like driving a car or watching TV

Types of IOLS

Knowing which IOL is best for you

Clear vision
Hazy vision
Used to correct vision for distance (Here glasses are required for near tasks such as reading)
Corrects vision for near and distance
Corrects vision for near, intermediate and distance

Why Choose Us?

Our holistic approach includes detailed examination of type and grade of cataract and the rest of the eye. Taking measurements of the eye with the IOL Master (Carl Zeiss Germany) which is the gold standard. Sometimes to check if your eye is in prime condition you maybe asked to undergo another investigation like a Pentacam, Specular microscopy or a macular OCT.

Top-End Resources & Equipments

35 years of Experience

Specialists & Experts

Diva's Expertise


Pioneers of Phacoemulsification since 1987


FLACS & use of the state-of-the-art precision technology


Range of the world's most advance lenses uniquely chosen for you


>35 years of experience & >5 lakh happy patients

NABH Certified
NABH Certified

Our Experts

Dr Dipan Desai

Director M.S. (OPHTH)

Dr Vivan Desai

MS Ophthalmology, FICO, RO AIIMS
Cataract and Refractive Surgery Expert

Dr Alisha Desai

DNB Aravind Eye Care System, FICO, Long Term Cornea Fellowship At LVPEI
Cornea and Ocular Surface Diseases Expert

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