The Visumax Femtosecod Laser System is the latest addition in the world of refractive surgery. This award winning technique has significantly changed the way we perform refractive surgery for spectacle removal. It is the epitome of outstanding precision, speed and gentle treatment.

In other techniques for spectacle removing refractive surgery, a flap is first cut from the cornea with a microkeratome or femtolaser, and raised. During this step, suction has to be applied to fixate the eye, which may lead to raised intra-ocular pressure.

Safe & Painless

Laser Surgery

Flapless & Bladeless

Laser Surgery

Spectacle Removal

Laser Surgery


Laser Surgery


On the other hand, the RELEX SMILE procedure is a single step, single laser procedure, performed on a single platform. It does not involve cutting of a flap, suction application, ­or ablation of corneal tissue. In SMILE, a small lenticule is cut precisely in the cornea by laser. This lenticule is gently and easily removed through a small 2mm. self-sealing incision. There is no pain. No flap is created, leading to less risk and complications. The predictable and swift procedure takes four minutes compared to 3 minutes by other methods. This FLAPLESS, BLADELESS,PAINLESS, KEYHOLE surgery is minimally invasive which offers quick recovery.

Smile LASIK Surgery

Visumax is the only machine which allows us to perform this revolutionary surgery. It is considered to be the most safe, rapid, precise, risk-free and painless surgery for spectacle removal.

Benefits of

100% Bladeless

Visumax SMILE offers a 100% BLADELESS treatment, in which a small lenticule is created by laser and extracted in an intact cornea


This single step, single laser, all-Femto procedure is FLAPLESS


In SMILE, unlike LASIK, no flap is cut in the cornea, and the small lenticule is removed through a KEYHOLE incision

Strength of the cornea

The strength of the cornea is further preserved as the side incision (2mm) is only 10% that of the LASIK flap (20mm)


In SMILE, there is no vaporization of tissue, and no Flap related risks, making it a very SAFE, RELIABLE and PRECISE procedure

Laser platform

The entire surgery is a single step, single laser performed all on one Laser platform. Thus the surgery is swift, safe and effective

Dryness of eyes

With SMILE as the size of the cut is smaller and less corneal nerves are injured

Why Us?

Diva Eye Institute is a comprehensive Eye care centre centrally situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We have been awarded NABH certification. This National Accreditation Board of Hospitals & Healthcare providers certification is awarded only after rigorous assessments for quality control, equipment maintenance, operative skills, patient satisfaction and safety among others. We are the only NABH certified Eye Hospital in Western India.

Cost of

Rs.35,000 to 45,000

Bladeless LASIK

Rs. 1,35,000

  • 90 Years of Experience

    in Gujarat India

  • Pioneer of Phacoemulsification

    Surgery in India Since 1987

  • Only NABH Accredited

    Hospital in Western India

Technology at Diva

At DIVA we provide all the alternative methods for spectacle removal. At our centre, we perform PRK, LASIK, LASEK, Bladeless LASIK, RELEX, SMILE, ICLs (Intra Ocular Contact Lenses), Phakik IOLs and Cataract surgery. The patient has all the alternatives of surgery and affordability. More importantly, treatment plans can be tailored to individual needs.

Who can benefit from Smile?

-0.50 Dsph to
-13.00 Dsph

Spectacle Power

-0.50 Dsph to

Cylindrical Power

Dry Eyes

Dry Eyes

Army, Navy, Airforce or Police Personnel

Army, Navy, Airforce or Police Personnel

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